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[Reviews] 31 Days of Halloween: Part 3

Continuing on my 31 Days of Halloween: here are the reviews for 10/10-10/12. I'm slowly working on this. I have a lot to catch up to and I'm lazy.

Oct. 10th:

Rosemary's Baby (1968):

Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow), the young wife of a struggling actor (John Cassavetes), is thrilled to find out she's pregnant. But the larger her belly grows, the more certain she becomes that her unborn child is in danger. Perhaps there's something sinister behind the odd enthusiasm her eccentric neighbors (Sidney Blackmer and Ruth Gordon, in an Oscar-winning performance) have for her welfare. Or perhaps it's all in her mind.

My Thoughts:

Where has this movie been all my life? Okay, I watched this once when I was young (middle school) by my mom's recommendation. After my first viewing I was left unimpressed. Many, many years passed and suddenly I started thinking about it. A lot. So I picked it up at my local target for $5 and suddenly my urge to watch it went away. Since I didn't have any new movies from netflix I pulled this one out of my archives to continue with my 31 Days of Halloween. I really, really liked it. Everything about it was great; the mood, the acting, the characters. All great. It's not scary and has little to no gore in it, but the atmosphere was creepy and dark. You felt just like Rosemary oppressed, uncomfortable, and confused. Beautiful. It inspired me to check out other movies done by Polanski. Absolutely perfect for Halloween and highly recommended. 4 Stars.

Oct. 11

Creepshow 2 (1987):

Join our old friend, the rotting Creep, as he introduces this Stephen King anthology that looks at three gruesome tales of horror. They involve a hit-and-run driver in "The Hitchhiker," a wooden Indian in "Ol' Chief Wooden Head" and four friends whose vacation on a secluded lake turns into a nightmare in "The Raft." This deliciously wicked roller-coaster ride will plunge you into the heart of darkness and to the very brink of madness.

My Thoughts:

Wow. These were...pretty bad. It was like they were trying to be tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing, but changed their mind at the last second. It wasn't hilariously bad...just bad, bad. The best of the 3 stories was "The Raft" and the worst was "The Hitchhiker". "Ol' Chief Wooden Head" was a close second, but was beat out by "The Hitchhiker" because the main character was the most grating human being ever to get their entire movie short. It's basically about this chick who's driving home late at night talking to herself in an dramatic over the top way. Maybe if they had made her do a thought voice over it wouldn't have made her seem so crazy. Overall everyone was overacting, the stories were cheesy (NOT scary), and there was no mood or atmosphere. I imagine this movie being cool to 6 year olds that sneak watch this in the middle of the night without their parents knowing. I would suggest skipping this one completely, but if you have no other choice it's okay for Halloween watching...if you want a good laugh that is. 2 very generous stars.

Oct. 12

Quicksilver Highway (1997):

Creepy wanderlust storyteller Aaron Quicksilver (Christopher Lloyd) hosts this hair-raising double feature that begins with Stephen King's "Chattery Teeth," in which a traveling salesman (Raphael Sbarge) makes a big mistake when he picks up two passengers -- a lunatic hitchhiker and a possessed pair of plastic chattering teeth. In Clive Barker's "The Body Politic," a plastic surgeon (Matt Frewer) battles an army of murderous severed limbs.

My Thoughts:

While this Stephen King outing was a little better than "Creepshow 2" it was still pretty bad and at least Creepshow 2 tried to make it creepy. "Quicksliver Highway" is really reaching. I mean, how scary can you make plastic, windup chattering teeth and (bad animated) hands with a mind of their own? And what was up with Christopher Lloyd and his S&M/Black Trenchcoat mafia look? The second story "The Body Politic" was almost so bad it was good, but they made it way too long, the novelty wore off, and it just became annoying. For the most part I was entertained, but it was looking kind of grim for a little while there. Alright for Halloween if there's nothing else. 3 Stars.